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Thursday, August 27, 2009

El Salvador, A Magic Place

Inviting my Dearest Friends who I Miss a lot.

Welcome to the tiniest country in Latin America. I have collected all this information to let you know that El Salvador is beautiful. It is also my aim to invite you to visit my magic place.

I am sure this little piece of information would be a great help for tourists who are planning to visit my country and would be of great remembrance for those whose are far away form this outstanding piece of land.

I would like you to come and spend your vacation, enjoy our savory and unique food and get in contact with nature. There will not be any doubt about the great time that is waiting for you, your family and friends.
El Salvador is a small country located in Central America with a land area of 21,000 Km2 and beautiful lakes and beaches. Los Cobanos (located in the Pacific Ocean) is one of the most beautiful diving places and it is located to 80 Km from San Salvador.

You can visit one of the diving centers in San Salvador and make arrangements to dive in Los Cobanos. However, it is not recommended to dive in that place during the winter season (April to November) because the visibility is almost zero. During the summer if the conditions are right you can see Morays Eals, Angel Fishes, Eagle Mantas, Green Turtles, Lobsters, etc. If you are going to visit El Salvador and you want to practice scuba diving during the winter season is better to visit Coatepeque or Ilopango Lakes.
Coatepeque lake is located in Santa Ana (60 km from San Salvador) surrounded by Cerro Verde and the Santa Ana and Izalco Volcanoes, into this crater with lots of water life you can see Catfish, Guapote, Zebra fish, etc. Ilopango Lake is located in San Salvador and it is the biggest lake in El Salvador, It has big islands and big cliffs going down. One of the most beautiful places to dive in Ilopango Lake is Los Cerros Quemados. We also have El Coatepeque Lake.
Charming and Enchanting Places

San Salvador is an interesting and 'exotic' place. It's overwhelming with activity, people, noise, etc. The Alcaldia Municipal (City Hall) has been doing a lot of efforts to try to clean up the downtown area and have been somewhat successful in some places. A lot of work still remains to be done.

If you decide to visit the 'old' San Salvador, visit the National Palace (a jewel of 'tropical' neoclassical architecture,

the National Theatre (undergoing renovation after the 2001 earthquake), the cathedral (modern), Iglesia del Calvario, La Basilica, Iglesia Don Rua, Mercado Cuartel (for local handicrafts- very interesting).

In downtown keep your eyes open since there are beautiful 19th century buildings that haven't been restored but offer a good idea of what the place must have looked like some 100 years ago, visit La Casa de la Cultura del Centro where they usually host different kinds of exhibits, musical presentations, theatre, literature, poetry readings, and a small cafe.

I found a good website containing some excellent pictures of downtown San Salvador at www.asa2000.org.sv.

A great place to visit while in San Salvador is Punto Literario in Zona Rosa. They have a small cafe (good food and tropical fruit juices in a courtyard-garden), a book store with excellent books about El Salvador and a wonderful art gallery that showcases salvadoran artists. It´s a nice place, it is very expensive though.

The Jardin Botanico (Botanical Gardens) of La Laguna are a must see in San Salvador. They are located in the crater of an extinct volcano and surrounded by a small tropical forest. They are impeccably kept and offer a relaxing day trip to learn about the rich flora and fauna of this beautiful country.
The nearby archeological site of Joya de Ceren is part of UNESCO's World Heritage since it's the only example of a Mayan village preserved by the eruption of nearby Volcano Caldera (called the Pompeii of Central America) it's a truly interesting site with guided tours for a small fee - given the nature of the place it's worth it to take the guided tour to really know what you're looking at.
They also have a small museum with pieces coming from the site. Their web site is: http://ceren.colorado.edu/ Nearby the ceremonial center of San Andres with it's small but well presented museum completes the visit. This is a truly exceptional site and worthwhile to visit. Don't expect to find the soaring pyramids of Guatemala but instead an insight into Mayan daily life.

A unique place to visit when in El Salvador is the Cerro Verde National Park. The view from the spectacular Hotel de Montaña on to the Izalco Volcano is one you will never forget. The Cloud forest around the hotel is very beautiful and there are clearly marked pathways leading to amazing vistas of Coatepeque lake, Santa Ana Volcano, etc. If you like hiking in the mountain and volcano climbing this is a good place both for beginners and pros.

Fishing excursions

There are many resorts that offer fishing services in El Salvador. There are Tuna fish, Blue Marlin, Mackerel, and many other species of deepwater game fishes. You can also do some bottom fishing where you have a chance to catch Snappers, Blue Crevally, Scribbled Filefish, and others.

Puerto La Libertad

La Libertad surf beaches is one of the best surfing beaches in the whole Central American region. It is also among the top ten in the world. A lot of surfers from around the world visit El Salvador for its surfing beaches all year round because of the challenge of El Salvador's surf.

Los Chorros

It is a series of large, refreshing natural pools fed, one pool to the next, by clear spring water from overhanging volcanic cliffs. This site is part of the Turicentros program and a favorite day trip for people from San Salvador as well as visitors. Visit during the week for complete relaxation.

 This colorful town, the smallest in the department of Sonsonate, is criss-crossed by quiet streets where everyone knows their neighbor and children play happily in the afternoons.  Caluco is the home of the first church built in El Salvador, however only the ruins remain to this day.  You can find the ruins near the central park, home to an incredible number of birds, whose song is oftentimes louder than the cars that pass by!

One of the main attractions of Caluco is Shutecath, the town’s outdoor tourism center, which was named after the thermal river whose source is just 6 km. (3.7 mi.) from the town.  Here you will find several small restaurants, all owned and operated by local women, that specialize in preparing the town’s most famous dish, wild hen soup.  Take an afternoon to chat with the ladies and sample the variety of local cuisine and snacks they have to offer.

The Plan de Amayo protected area is also nearby, great for hiking through tropical and subtropical humid forests with local guides. Here a local group specializes in the cultivation of the Ojushte tree (Brosinum alicastrum), a plant with very high nutritional value commonly used in the preHispanic era.

Balboa Park

70 acres of lush flora, myriad birds, sloth and rabbits, the park is 12 kms from San Salvador´s downtown and is also a part of the Turicentros program. A skating rink, soccer field, miles of meandering trails, good examples of pre-Colombian style sculptures and many shaded picnic areas contribute to making this park a relaxing spot for wiling away a day.
Several outdoor cafes offer the local and visitors pupusas which are tortillas stuffed with meat, beans, and cheese, they are served with pickles.
(take bus #12 - Mil Cumbres on avenida 29 de Agosto and 12a Calle Poniente)

The Devil's Doorway

Two huge rocks on the edge of a deep precipice frame the view of the valley lying far below. The "doorway" is approximately 1km south of Balboa Park on the summit of Chulo Hill, 1,000 meters above sea level.

Los Planes Lookout Point

Located to the east of Balboa Park on the road that goes to the Indian village of Panchimalco. The lookout, on the edge of a deep gorge, offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views of San Salvador with Ilopango Lake in the distance. You will find many cafeterias serves typical foods and cold drinks. (take the same bus #12 for Balboa Park)

National Zoo

Considered the most modern zoo in Central America, it houses a large collection of local and foreign fauna. The zoo is designed so that the animals enjoy a habitat as close as possible their own natural one. Open every day except Mondays and Tuesdays from 9am-5pm. A small fee is charged.
(it is in the downtown are. Take bus #2 on Cathedral west side)

At the foot of Izalco Volcano, you’ll find a city of the same name, whose rich history and age-old, mystical traditions will captivate you.
Historically, Izalco represents the largest indigenous community of the region where the people used to farm cacao and balsam for international export. From 1880 to 1930, this region produced more than 50% of the country’s total production of coffee.  Nowadays, the higher elevations are still favorable for growing coffee and the lower elevations grow sugar cane, grains, fruit and cacao.

The founding of Izalco is actually the history of two towns becoming one.  During colonization, Asuncion (Lower Izalco) and Dolores (Upper Izalco) were bridged together, which is why Izalco now has two colonial churches and two central parks.  In the Dolores Church, built in 1716, you can find many colonial images, paintings and embossed silver tabernacles.  The Asuncion Church was built in 1576 in Baroque style, but all that can be seen are the ruins left by the Santa Marta earthquake of 1773.

Izalco also has a mystical allure.  The town has retained its indigenous healing traditions and rituals that the Spanish conquerors once referred to as witchcraft.  The indigenous healers refer to themselves “curanderos” or naturopaths with specialties in spiritual healing.  Many people prefer to visit the naturopaths instead of Westernized clinics because the plants they are prescribed are readily available and the treatment is more affordable.

Panchimalco Indian Village

According to historians, its name in Nahuat language means "site of flags and shields". The village site is located in a picturesque geological depression and archaeological finds indicate that it was an important area during pre-Colombian times. There is an interesting colonial church here that dates from 1725 and has been classified a national historical monument. You can also find typical food and cold drinks. Ask for a special alcoholic drink which is called chicha.

David J. Gusman National Museum

Home of an interesting collection of pre-Columbian objects dating from the pre-classic period of 1500 BC until late post-classic period, around 1200-1525 AD. Open daily except Monday from 9am-12noon and 2pm-5pm. Free admission. (take bus #34 on 4a. Calle Poniente and 7a Avenida Sur, 1/2 block south of Hotel Ritz)


Montecristo is a rainforest. It is the most important and most protected rainforest in El Salvador. Montecristo has a diverse fauna and flora that will entrance anyone who visits, so that a visit in Montecristo is truly an ultimate ecotourism adventure that should be included in your itinerary.

The Impossible National Park
With over 3,800 hectares (9,390 acres) to explore, El Imposible National Park is one of El Salvador’s most outstanding wildlife sanctuaries and home to a fantastic diversity of flora.  Here you can find over 1,000 species of plants and trees, some of which are endemic to the region.  During a hike through this untamed wilderness, you’ll be sure to encounter several types of beautiful butterflies (you won’t be able to miss the huge blue butterfly, Morpho peleides), tropical birds, mammals and other animals scurrying through the leaves.
In addition to the abundant wildlife, El Imposible offers up some fascinating cultural sites.  You can explore eight archaeological sites, among them the well-known Stamped Rock (Piedra Sellada), an important set of rock carvings, and the ruins of Cerro de la Olla (Pot Hill), an early settlement whose carved rocks and artifacts are preserved here.

History of the Park

Locals say that during the beginning of the 20th century, the coffee farmers from the higher elevations of the department of Ahuachapán transported their coffee on mules to the Port of Acajutla.  The path that the mules traveled on, however, was very narrow and at some points two mules couldn’t cross at the same time, hence the name “The Impossible”.  In order to avoid the run-ins, people used to sound seashells to warn others that they were about to cross the path.  In 1968, the Salvadoran government built a bridge between the two mountains and hung a sign that said, “1968: It stopped being Impossible”.

Tourist Attractions
Start your adventure at the Mixtepe Visitor Center, named in honor of the country’s largest feline, the puma or mountain lion, which once roamed this region.  Some researchers believe that the cat may still exist in small numbers.  The Visitor Center, which is located at the park entrance in the old San Benito Hacienda, was restored in 1999.  There you will find exhibits about the cultural and natural wonders of the park and a selection of local arts and crafts produced in neighboring communities.
Here you can hire a guide, who is usually a young student from a nearby community.  The guide will lead you on a guided tour through any of the trails you choose to explore.  The Park recommends the following trails:

The Mule Lookout (Mirador El Mulo):  2.2 km. (1.4 mi.) roundtrip
This is the perfect trail if you don’t have much time to spend in the park.  This trail has interpretative signs and is suitable for hikers of all ages and abilities.  From the lookout, you get a gorgeous view into the Guayapa River Valley and the northeast section of the park.

Ixcanal River and Lion Hill Trail (Ixcanal Rio and Cerro Leon): 8 km. (5 mi.) roundtrip
This trail is great for advanced hikers and those in good physical condition.  Plan to spend at least a full morning or even the whole day to enjoy this trail.  This is one of the best trails for bird watching.
Junction Trail and Stamped Rock (Los Enganches y Piedra Sellada): 7 or 10 km. (4.3 or 6.2 mi.) roundtrip

This trail passes by the Mule Lookout and then descends very steeply.  At the end of the trail you’ll find the spot known as the Junction, where the Guayapa and Venado Rivers meet.  This is a great spot to take a swim and have a picnic lunch (don’t forget your bathing suit!).
To extend your hike, check out the rock carvings at the Stamped Rock (Piedra Sellada) archaeological site, which is about 1.5 km. (1 mi.) from the river junction.
Ilopango Lake
Lake Ilopango (now 15 kms long and 8 kms wide) was formed in the aftermath of this gigantic explosion. A more recent eruption in the early 1880s created the Cerros Quemados (Burnt Hills) Islands that literally rose up in the middle of the lake, a natural channel (Río Jiboa) was formed on the eastern side, and the resultant drainage left a volcanic island in the centre of the lake. In 1928 the water again rose, destroying houses along the shoreline.
The lake has since become a popular tourist resort, with activity centred on the towns of Asino and Ilopango on the western shore. Today Ilopango, only 15 kms from San Salvador, is a popular spot for watersports and recreation. The hotel and restaurant "Vistalago" and the restaurant "Mirador 70" make for a pleasant stop—offering nice accommodations if you decide to spend the night and excellent menus, plus a spectacular panoramic view of the lake.

La Laguna Botanical Garden

Perhaps the only garden in the world to be located in the crater of an extinct volcano. The 7 acre garden centers around a small lagoon centered in the crater's bottom and is surrounded on the slopes by dense woods which act as windbrakes. For more than a century Salvadoreans have devoted themselves to making these gardens a place of beauty showcasing rare species of local and foreign plants.
Open Tuesday - Friday from 10am-5pm and weekends from 10am-6pm

La Alegría Lagoon
On the Chinameca Mountain Range we find Tecapa Volcano. Nestled at its peak, a beautiful emerald green lagoon lagoon is formed in the crater, over a sulfur bed. This is known as “Alegría” Lagoon, and is one of the most beautiful places in the country. There are fumaroles and hotsprings, attributed healing powers due to its high sulfur. In 1891 the name of the town of Tecapa, which means lake of stones, was replaced with its actual name of “Alegría”
San Salvador Volcano
Towering over the city that bears its name, the long dormant volcano offers spectacular views and opportunities to hike along well maintained trails into the crater itself. You can watch the volcano through this webcam link http://www.webcams.travel/webcam
/1249045114-Weather-San-Salvador-Volcano-San-Salvador-Vulkan-El-Progreso. There are a lot of volcanoes in El Salvador and several of them are open for hiking. There is the Ilamatepec which is about 2365 meters, the Tehutepec which is 2050 meters, the Izalco which is 1910 meters, Quetzaltepec which is 1960 meters and a lot more. Guides are available to assist and tour tourist through the hike through the volcanoes of El Salvador.
Jiquilisco Bay
This bay has the largest mangroves in the country, abundant fish, and is home to hundreds of exotic birds; all of this, in an environment of sun and beach, mixed with the delicious and soft scent f coconut. This is Jiquilisco Bay, one of the most beautiful maritime ecosystems in El Salvador. It is located in the coastal area of Usulután department, a little over 100 km from San Salvador City, in the municipality of Jiquilisco. This is a natural reserve along 55 km of coastline. It has the largest mangrove forest and is one of the richest in natural resources in the entire country. Studies have identified 54 species of exotic birds and curious reptiles such as serpents like the “masacuata” and boas, as well as iguanas, turtles and crocodiles.
The Jewel of Ceren
Fortunately, in El Salvador, there is a pre-Columbian Mayan farming village, Joya del Ceren (“Jewel of Ceren”) that can give visitors a wonderful sense of the scale and organization of quotidian life among the Maya. Joya del Ceren, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993, has none of the vast scale of Calakmul or Tikal. Its adobe houses, communal baths and public structures were all built at a far smaller, more prosaic scale.

Because Joya del Ceren’s building materials were susceptible to erosion and quick decay, it took ash from a nearby volcano that erupted around 600 A.D. to bury the village and protect it from the elements. Archaeologists believe its inhabitants were able to flee the eruption in time, so the story of Joya del Ceren’s fate is generally a happy one at both ends of the time scale.

In their haste to escape, the villagers left behind utensils, textiles, food, ceramics, furniture and all of the other accouterments of daily life. The village lay hidden until 1976 when it was discovered by Payson Sheets, an anthropology professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Sheets almost immediately began excavating the site, a process that has continued ever since.

The subspecialty involved in the excavation here is called “household archaeology.” In many ways the excavation at Joya del Ceren resembles the process of excavation at Pompeii and Herculaneum, the two Roman cities buried under Vesuvius’ ashes to which the Mayan town has often been compared.
Tazumal Ruins
The Maya ruins of Tazumal, considered the most important and best preserved in El Salvador, are in the town of Chalchuapa. In the Quiché language the name Tazumal means 'pyramid where the victims were burned.' The excavated ruins on display here are only one part of a zone covering 10 sq km (4 sq mi), much of it buried under the town. Archaeologists estimate that the first settlements in the area were around 5000 BC. The excavated structures date from a period spanning over 1000 years. The artifacts found at Tazumal provide evidence of ancient and active trade between Tazumal and places as far away as Panama and Mexico.
Coatepeque Lake
Coatepeque is a volcanic lake situated about an hour from San Salvador. It is much older than Ilopango, though created by a similar catastrophic eruption some five to six thousand years ago. It is on the eastern slope of the Santa Ana volcano. It is a beautiful, clean, and sparkling blue crater-shaped lake, 6 kms wide and 120 meters deep and surrounded by steep green slopes rising up 250 to 500 meters. The scenic road between the Interamerican Highway and CA8, known as the "panoramic highway" for its marvelous views, curls along the steep ridge of the crater giving you glimpses of the broad fertile valleys on one side and the lake on the other.

Along the shore of the lake there are several private beachhouses as this is a popular Salvadorean weekend get-a-way. There are also beachfront hotels accommodating visitors.

Barra de Santiago
The Barra de Santiago is a long, peninsular, beach located just south of Jujútla, in the department of Ahuachapán.  Behind the beach stretches a large, well-preserved mangrove forest that is comprised of seven different species of mangrove and measures approximately 2,000 hectares (4,942 acres). The inner mangrove coastline is a haven for thousands of native and migratory birds. 

Here in “La Barra”, as it’s known by the locals, you’ll encounter several types of wildlife while you float along the mangrove’s meandering waterways. Have your camera ready as your local guide points out iguanas, lizards, marine mammals, shellfish, sea turtles, crocodiles, blue crabs and more!

While you’re here, don’t forget to ask about the Legend of Chasca.  This popular myth tells the story of the goddess of fishing, once a beautiful princess that fell in love with Prince Acayet.  When the princess’s father, Pachacuet, found out about the love affair, he sent for Prince Acayet to be killed.  As soon as Chasca found out about her lover’s death, she threw herself into the deep waters of La Barra and was never heard from again.  To this day people they say that Chasca still appears on some nights, sitting in a white canoe, as a sign of good fishing conditions.

Santa Rita Protected Area 
Bursting with plant and animal species, the Santa Rita Protected Area is a semi-humid tropical forest that remains lush and green even during the dry season. This forest plays a large role in otter conservation and also serves as the refuge and breeding grounds for parrots and other tropical birds. It’s impressive that a forest so small can be the home to so much biodiversity, making it a very important spot within the Barra de Santiago-El Imposible biological corridor.

One of the main attractions of this protected area is Lizard Pond or Posa de los Lagartos, located right in the middle of the forest.  Get one of the park guides to take you for a hike along the beautiful forest trail and over the wooden bridges to the lookout point.  Look down into the murky water and you’ll be privy to one of the biggest populations of Caiman alligators in the country, literally dozens of restless reptiles right before your eyes!

 Tacuba Village
Nineteen kilometers south of Ahuachapán, along Highway 1, you’ll find the picturesque village of Tacuba, a colonial town with a long history of coffee production nestled in the hills and mountains.  Tacuba still retains the traditional architecture and customs of a small western coffee town untouched by tourism, unlike nearby Ataco and Apaneca.… You might call it the “coffee road” less traveled.

One of the most interesting attractions in Tacuba is its beautiful church that was built toward the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.  Here you can see beautiful architecture from back when Central America was still just one united land.  To find out more about the history of this little town make sure to visit their Cultural Center.


At the foot of the Sierra Apaneca-Ilamatepec sits Nahuizalco, home to one of the most longstanding native communities and arts and crafts production sites in the country.
Nahuizalco means “the four Izalcos” in the Mayan language Nahuatl.  Some say the name was given because the town’s population was four times bigger than neighboring Izalco; others say four families from Izalco founded the town.

Peruse the town’s little stores and workshops to buy local artwork and wicker and reed baskets.  Here the local people take great pride in building excellent quality furniture in a large variety of designs, using caña de la india (Indian shot), cedar and bay wood.  This beautiful furniture has earned them fame around the world.

Tourist Attractions
Night Market: Center of town
The night market is a “must see” cultural treat for every tourist.  As night falls and the villagers turn out their lights, the market begins to glow by the soft light of candles and lanterns that illuminate stand after stand of produce, arts and crafts, and an assortment of interesting local cuisine: los ticucos (ground corn tamales), yucca served with pork cheek, iguana soup, atol shuco (ground corn beverage), and chilate con nuegados (yucca balls in a sweet sauce).  The market begins at 2pm and lasts until around 10pm.
San Juan Bautista Chapel & El Calvario (Stations of the Cross) Church

The San Juan Bautista Chapel, built in 1859, is currently an active archaeological site.  In colonial times, it was customary to bury people inside the church because cemeteries didn’t exist; as such, various tombs have already been discovered here.  Some believe that an older temple might even exist underneath the floor.  Stop by El Calvario Church to see more beautiful 19th century architecture.
Patron Saint Festival
The patron saint festival, together with the annual arts and crafts festival, is celebrated from June 20-25 in honor of San Juan Bautista. Enjoy the town’s warm hospitality while you buy local arts and crafts and sample plates of cooked yucca on every corner.
Local historians also perform folkloric dances about the Spanish royalty and the Moorish invasion of Spain.

Continuing on your path up the Ruta de las Flores, you’ll find Salcoatitán, a village founded by the Pipils in the pre-Columbian era when they emigrated from their coastal lands. This quiet village later became home to the country’s first coffee plantations in the 1860s.  In fact, the village’s primary economic income is still based on the regional coffee harvest.
Salcoatitán, whose name means “God of Wind and Star of the Dawn” in the Mayan language Nahuatl, is a picturesque little town where you can enjoy a great lunch outdoors while delighting in the mountain breezes and beautiful views.  Many people enjoy walking the narrow streets to see the town’s colorfully painted homes.  Don’t forget to check out the up-and-coming art galleries that feature regional artists.  Here you can find plenty of souvenirs and local artwork to decorate your home, including baskets and other crafts made from woven reeds, embroidered dresses sewn from naturally dyed fabrics, eco-art and original paintings and sculptures.
Tourist Attractions

Colonial Church
This beautiful, white church dates back to 1824.  The walls were built rock by rock by masons and the roof is covered with clay shingles.  This church was dedicated to Archangel San Miguel and there is a replica on the side that you can visit.
Food Festival
The central park is filled with local cuisine to sample on the weekends.
Patron Saint Festival
Legend has it that Salcoatitán was once invaded by a plague of vampire bats and Archangel San Miguel came to the town’s rescue. Since that day, the Patron Saint Festival has been in his honor and is celebrated on the second Sunday in November.

Following the Ruta de las Flores up to 1,060 meters (3,478 ft), you’ll find Juayua, a beautiful colonial city surrounded by volcanoes and intensely green coffee fields known for their excellent quality. Juayúa was founded in the pre-Columbian era when native Yanquis drawn by the beauty of this spot located in the high plains of the Apaneca Sierra immigrated to the area.
This city, whose name comes from the Nahautl word for “River of the Purple Orchids”, is a prime tourist destination where you can take in both cultural and natural wonders in a cool mountain climate.
Juayua’s most celebrated attraction is their international food festival.  Since 1997, thousands of national and international tourists have flocked to Juayua’s central park every weekend to sample the colorful variety of national and international cuisine, such as wild hen soup, tacos, riguas, paella, seafood cocktails and yucca with pork rinds.
Black Christ Church (La Iglesia del Cristo Negro)
Dating back over 500 years, la Iglesia del Cristo Negro has been rebuilt on three different occasions in different styles.  Located in front of Juayua’s central park, this church is the architectural pride and joy of the locals.  According to tradition, in place of the altar there used to be a hundred-year-old Ceiba or Kapok tree called “the Pregnant Kapok” or “Ceiba Preñada”.  At one point, the massive tree was split in two by a bolt of lightning, and when the tree fell apart, an image of the crucified Black Christ appeared and was surrounded by San Sebastian orchids.

The Stations of the Cross Church (La Iglesia del Calvario)
This impressive church dates back to the 19th century and is the home to many priceless works of art.

Coffee Museum (San Jose La Majada)
At “La Majada” you can learn all about the history of coffee farming and its production, take a guided tour through an operational coffee mill, buy souvenirs and have a snack under the shade trees on the quaint outdoor patio.

Food Festival

The weekend food festival draws thousands to taste international dishes and exotic local specialties.  The colorful festival is always booming with live music and many arts and crafts vendors.

Patron Saint Festival
Juayua’s patron saint festivities are held the first two weeks of January in honor of the Black Christ (Cristo Negro).  During the festival the town serves up their favorite dish, “Crazy Corn on the Cob”, which is your typical cob of corn loaded with mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and cheese.

The Ruta de las Flores reaches its summit in Apaneca, the highest village in El Salvador, at 1,455 meters above sea level (4,773 ft) and 91 Km. (57 mi.) from San Salvador.  “Windy River”, as it’s known in the Mayan language Nahuatl, is a charming, low-key mountain village nestled between Chichicastepeque (a large mountain to the south), a few smaller volcanoes, and the Ahuachapán and Green Lagoons.

Here houses are still adorned with orange clay shingles, cobblestone streets stretch in every direction, and the market is loaded with fresh produce and flowers.  As referenced by its indigenous name, strong winds gust through town from November to February, making the panoramic vistas of neighboring mountains and volcanoes exceptionally clear.

On the way to Apaneca, make sure to look to the mountain slopes.  You’ll notice some different types of trees, which almost seem to be framing the coffee fields.  These trees serve as important wind breaks to protect the fertile land and coffee bushes that produce the most award-winning coffee in the country.
Apaneca is known for having a variety of beautiful restaurants, each uniquely decorated with antiques, local art and other rustic materials.  These restaurants serve delicious local cuisine (comida típica) and other international up-scale gourmet dishes. Most of these restaurants are located inside equally charming hotels, which at times feature live music.
ourist Attractions

Santa Leticia Archaeological Site
This hidden treasure had been covered by nature until it was rediscovered in 1968 by the farm’s owner.  At this site, you’ll find three unique monoliths with human characteristics carved into them, each weighing between 6,350-10,890 kg (14,000-24,000 pounds).  This site is over 2,600 years old and is surrounded by waterfalls and a variety of beautiful flora and fauna.  It is the country’s first private archaeological park that offers lodging and other outdoor activities for your enjoyment.

Apaneca Zip Line Tour
This very popular attraction is a zip-line tour through the treetops of the mountainside canopy.  Your adrenaline will be pumping as you soar through the cloud forests and across the deep valleys, getting an exhilarating birds-eye tour of the region.

Patron Saint Festival
Apaneca celebrates their patron saint, San Andres Apostol, from November 21-30.  The festivities are filled with events, such as religious parades, reenactments, horseback riding competitions, the crowning of the queen and a traditional carnival.

Concepción de Ataco

Welcome to Ataco, the final stop on the Ruta de las Flores.  Ataco is a quaint, colonial village that is known for its natural beauty, as well as, its brightly painted homes, cobblestone streets, colorful murals and unique arts and crafts.
In the Mayan language Nahuatl, Ataco means “Place of the Elevated Springs”.  Five rivers flow through the many surrounding mountains and from here you can see Guatemala’s southern mountains, El Chingo Volcano, the Espino Valley, Ataco Valley and Quezalapa Hill, among others.

Here you’ll find many little stores and workshops bursting with handmade treasures, such as embroidered dresses, sculptures, coffee candles and hand woven textiles.  In the pre-Hispanic era, women used to weave using looms that they fastened around their waists.  Pedal looms replaced the waist looms during the colonial times and are still used to this day to weave colorful bedspreads, hammocks and other garments.
Tourist Attractions

Weaving Looms
You can watch local artisans as they weave the colorful threads into textiles.  Ask around to visit a few of the stores that double as workshops.

Gourmet Food & Drink
Stop in one of the adorable cafes to get a steaming cup of the region’s premier coffee.  Ataco offers a wide variety of food from local comida típica to upscale international gourmet.

Patron Saint Festival
Ataco celebrates their patron saint, the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, from December 11-15.

 Delicious Salvadorean Food

It's funny to read that most people when asked about salvadorean typical food will say 'pupusas' - corn tortillas stuffed with cheese,beans, pork or mixed and served with a vinegar preserved chopped cabbage salad and spicy tomato sauce.
However this is not the only traditional dish, salvadorean food is very rich, let's not forget that Central America claims the origins of potatoes, tomatoes, squash, cacao, peppers, beans, corn, and countless others, with this wealth of ingredients salvadoran cooking is a savory mix of the ancestral mayan traditions mixed with the spanish and creole influence.

If you have a chance 'A lo Nuestro' restaurant in theZona Rosa is an excellent place to try varied salvadoran food or excellent creations of the chef inspired by traditional salvadoran ingredients. It's an expensive restaurant, but if you can afford it's really worth it. but if you can´t wait there is place called El Leñador located in your way to San Salvador (when you are coming from the airport to Sal Salvador)
For pupusas any good 'pupuseria' found anywhere will do the trick. The best pupusas are sold in Olocuilta at La paciencia, Tania, El Manguito, El Texano(el botudo), Abrego y otros mas some 30 min. from San Salvador and about 6 minutes from the airport.

Otherwise many restaurants offer excellent seafood and meat dishes. There are also very reasonably priced international restaurants and some more expensive ones. Once again if you're in San Salvador the choices are varied and will depend on you budget. I have a complete listing in my San Salvador page.

Restaurants in La Libertad will offer a wide variety of very fresh seafood and fish. Don't hesitate to try the oysters or the mixed seafood 'coctel', they are very good and very reasonably priced. In addition to the fresh seafood all of these restaurants offer great views of the pacific ocean.
                                                                      Clam Cocktail
On the road from La Libertad to Sunzal beach is the Cafe Sunzal - a good restaurant beautiful setting and wonderful view, you can watch the surfers from this place.
Olocuilta City 

Thanks to our beloved Olocuieltenses and Jose Napoleón Rivas, who is our current priest, we have rebuilt our church.
Olocuilta is located in La Paz, and it has a population of 29,519. Most of its people Work on Free trade zones, which bring merchandise without paying taxes because the government has eliminated the trade barriers. Furthermore, this small city has two health centers, 14 schools, one high school institute, an educational complex, two catholic churches, seven Christian churches (evangelical) it also has drinking water, a sewage system, a phone company with internet access, a post office, two police departments, and a court. For amusement, natives have a basketball court, four soccer courts, and a river.
Olocuilta is one of the oldest populations of El Salvador; it was established, in the Indian times, by the Pipìl tribe. In the nahuat language Olocuilta means “City of the Measuring Worm” another translation, which is also accepted, is “Worm of the Corn”
 These are some activities that you may enjoy in Olocuilta:

Carrera de Cintas.
If you want to see this event it is a good idea to visit Olocuilta city which is in Departamento de La Paz, 22 kilometers from San Salvador. This event takes place next to the Old Pupusodromo (where the best pupusas are sold all over the country)You will see 15 horses, or more, and riders who take turns galloping full speed toward a horizontally stretch rope. On the rope there are hanging small metal rings probably about an inch in diameter. The rider has to attempt to spear the ring with a stick not bigger than a pencil while attempting to control his horse and not get "clotheslined" by the rope. If they achieved this task, they returned to the area of the Fiesta Queen (or Kings)contestants to receive a small prize and hopefully a kiss(beso in Spanish) from one of the most beautiful native contestants.

Visit La Casa de La Cultura where you can see (and probably buy)beautiful paintings, handcarfts, pottery made by the natives. You can also see procesiones cellebrated in the old fashioned style, as the first citizens did it because we are very religious so you are invited to take part of the ceremonies. If you are lucky and have the chance to be in the carnival that is cellebrate in bahalf of the patron "El Senor de la Caridad" you will spend a whole week enjoying of the parties that take place in every neighborhood.

We do not have fancy restaurants but we possess the most delicious typical food all over the country, all you have to do is to be prepared to spend a couple of dollars to taste our exquisite cousine.

These are some of the dishes we have in Olocuilta :

Any dish that is typical salvadorean will be a good bet. But if you want to taste the most savory typical food you can go to Juegos Exclusivos of Don Lito Cumbo y Doña Gloria in Olocuilta, here are a few names of the delicious food they serve:

1.Gallo en chicha (a type of 'coq au vin')

2.Sopa de frijoles (Red Bean Soup)

Red Bean Soup with Meat.

Fried plantain, Fried red Beans and Hard boiled Eggs

3.Sopa mariscada (sea food soup)
4.Tamales de elote(corn), de gallina, tayuyos (well, there are several varieties)

5.Ceviches Mixtos(these can either be seafood, fish, mixed etc. remember that it's raw fish marinated in lime juice)

Seafood Cocktail (Clam and Shrimp)
6. Plato tipico (will generally be a grilled steak with rice and beans, fried plantain, avocado and cheese.)
 Salvadorean Meat Turnovers
7. Platanos rellenos (plantains stuffed with minced meat, baked and grilled with white cheese and sour cream)
8. Chiles rellenos (stuffed peppers with meat and vegetables, very, very good)
Stuffed Peppers with Meat and Vegetables
9. Salvadorean Quesadilla


10. Sopa de Gallina india (hen soup -broth- with vegetables and generally served with tortillas, very savory and a meal in itself.)
Hen Soup Broth

11. Salvadoran Empanada( Plantain turn overs filled with milk pudding)
                                                     Empanada (Plantain Turnover Filled with Milk)

Riguas(corn patties) and  Grilled Corn-on-the-Cob.

12. Pan con pavo or pan con chumpe (a turkey sandwich with a delicious ground spice sauce)
Salvadorean Turkey Sandwich
13. Chilate con nuegados (fried yucca with honey)
                                        Chilate con Nuegados (Hot Corn Turnovers with Syrup)

14. Grilled or fried Cotuza (the peace corps crew really enjoyed this)

15. Consome de Garrobo(to increase your sexual power)

16. Cuzuco
                                               Fried Yucca served with Pork or baby fish
Visitors form other contries (Spain, US, Japan, Mexico )have tasted these food and when they have visited Olocuilta again they asked for Juegos Exclusivos again.

But be sure to make the order before hand to find everything you want, you can get in touch with the help of La alcaldia Municipal de Olocuilta (City Hall of Olocuilta)

                                                                     Cow Hoof Soup
But if like Mexican food you can go to Los Antojitos, a nice place where delicious food is served by a very famous salvadorean chef.
 Beautiful Girls
   Irma Dimas. Miss Earth 2005  
  y Miss El Salvador 2005

I like this woman

Maribel Arrieta Gálvez 
Semi-Finalist Miss World 1955
Silvia Michelle Rodríguez
Miss El Salvador 2007

Rebeca Moreno
Miss El Salvador 2008 

Vanessa Hueck
Miss El Salvador 2003

Priscilla Dubón
Miss Tourism 2009

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